February 24, 2009


full moon extravaganza's • the weekend • laying out at the pool • reading a good book and loving it so much that you stand in line at the grocery store with your book in hand totally content if the lady in front of you brought in a $84. worth of coupons (true story) • the song Remember When • pesto pizza and basically everything on the menu at Pita Jungle • rhino's • the smell of fresh laundry after it rains • my silos with the white lights • orchids • sleep • dark chocolate Godiva cheesecake • shower curtains • the fourth of July • going on bike rides on my beach cruiser • talking to my gramps on the telly • the movie Bandits • avocados with balsamic vinegar • my FAMILY, FRIENDS and LOVED ones • the drive inn • french fries from Red Robins • white Christmas lights • the zipper • ice hockey • the ocean • world famous fish tacos from Rubios • the fact that I am turning 30 this year • snowflakes (and my new found talent of making them) • meatloaf • eating 2 bowls of ice cream nightly (ice ice baby) • dawn and dusk • going on morning walks and watching the sun slowly kiss the night away • the word plethora and gregarious • going to the driving range on my lunch break • lightning storms • green smoothies • celebrating holidays • decorating eggs with my gramps and Wes at Easter and then hiding them, while gramps is cheating with his binoculars watching Wes hide them out in his back yard • the song Beautiful Mess • picnics in the summer • finding new restaurants to try • going to the Diamond Backs games at Chase stadium with the retractable roof • hot chocolate • hiking in February in Arizona • making a wish on 11:11 • camping • cooking dinner • jcrew swimsuits • having adventure days • hanging out at the library • sail boats (I think they are the most beautiful man made thing ever created) • freestyle motocross • ac/dc's thunderstruck • watching for shooting stars • chocolate covered strawberries • the color of golden wheat in a field • my polka dot galoshes • traveling • making new friends • motorcycle rides • asparagus • the gospel • the book Peace like a River (which I am currently reading and love it so much that I am savouring it and trying to only read 1 chapter a night to make it last longer) • seeing saguaro's covering the mountains – it's like gigantic green people standing with their arms up in the air excited about something • red balloons • the lights at temple square • memories that make me smile • tomatoes (sike) • popsicles • my calling in the church • malaki • drinking fancy pants root beer • green olives • making lists • going hot tubbing • the sun • love day


  1. I love you LOVES list sis. It's definately one of your trademarks. Your blog rocks! Lets learn how to connect them and be blogging buddies!!! Much Love, Chadders

  2. Did you know that you were the person that made me love lightning storms? Your excitment for them was contagious.