December 2, 2009

NOtes on the BIRD:
Who would have thought I might consider going vegan....
I thought before Thanksgiving the job I wouldn't want to do would be to cut/carve the turkey. Well, after spending an intimate hour or so preparing the turkey (might I say I was almost in tears the whole time) I thought that big hunk of fleshy bird was the most disgusting thing I have ever touched. I was armed with plastic gloves and all, and at one point as I was trying to lift the 20lb sucker with one hand and with the other hand put it into the turkey bag I ended up HUGGING the turkey and wanted to die and then screamed when its shriveled up leg or I don't know what part it was flopped onto my forearm. Other things I learned or experienced: I didn't know that the neck was something I needed to remove (I figured everything that would need removing would be in that plastic bag), I tried taking off that plastic thing around the legs and had turkey juice squirt me right in the eye, and the worst part was that the night before Stacy told me I had to stick my hand in-between the SKIN and put butter in there. TRAUMATIC is all I have to say.

And yes, having a man around would have been nice for all that dirty work. Maybe next year.... It's either that or I am going out. :)


  1. Metz! that is exactly why I try to avoid hosting Thanksgiving at all costs. a couple years ago I did host, and I bought a deep fried turkey from a local restaurant. oh, and I totally owe you a phone call-- you are such a good friend to call me on my birthday... love you!!

  2. Oh Maya I'm sorry. I would have done the same thing.

  3. The bird was delicous Miss, and now ever year you will have a war story to share about Turkey Day 09'