March 19, 2010

I love this picture. And love how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. One memory I will forever cherish is moving out here to AZ with Chad, Marn and Megs. We all lived together and hung out together and I love that we were able to do that with each other. One of my other all time favorite memories is one night the four of us went to Magleby’s Grill and Oyster Bar down at the Riverwoods and had dinner and it was the best night eating and just hanging out laughing and talking. I am one lucky girl. They have been there for me through the good times as well as the hard. My parents are also amazing, they both have so many qualities I look up to and hope to become more like as I grow up. I also love the additions to my family, Brett, Katie and Steve are all wonderful people and I love having them as part of my family too. I guess I am just feeling super blessed to have such incredible people in my life to love and support me.

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