August 11, 2010


I have so many great memories with you, I just wanted to share a few that stick out. One of my favorite memories is when you wanted to go out with all of us kids to Magelbey’s Bar and Oyster Grill down at the Riverwoods. We ordered all sorts of delicious food and just ate and laughed and talked and you treated us all to that dinner. I don’t know why I cherish that memory so much but I just loved being there together and felt the love of everyone so strongly, and just felt that that is what it's all about, family.

Also I will forever be grateful how things worked out to all move out here to Arizona together. Over the time we were here you and I have really built up our relationship and I have loved it. I’ve loved all the church functions we’ve gone to together, and telling people I was your sister. Everyone always raved about how nice and cool and great you were (and still do…) and that made me really really proud to be your sis.

You have a heart of gold and you are always giving and serving and doing everything you can for others. A few memories of you doing just that is when you threw the birthday party for Blake Boynton and dressed him all up so he was stylin’ and we had cake and ice cream and danced and had a wonderful time celebrating Blake. I am sure he will never ever forget that birthday, and I don’t think I will either.

I’ve always thought you a hard worker and you have proven that true with so many things in your life, like working hard to go on your mission, serving faithfully and living your motto “All the rules, all the time…” working hard and sticking out your horrible summer doing security systems in Florida, working and making a difference in the lives of countless kids and families in all your jobs over the years, including Telos, Heritage, Anasazi, the Homeless Shelter in Phoenix, with CPS and with your crisis job. You have worked very hard to get not only your Bachelors but a Masters as well and with that, you are making a difference. And then in the Church every calling you have gotten you take seriously and put your whole heart into. Someone just the other day mentioned how you were the best Ward Missionary leader we ever had. And again, I thought, yep, that’s my bro.

So to sum it up I feel so lucky to be a part of your life and to be your sister. I love that families are forever and that we will always have that bond. You are one incredible guy and I will always look up to you and that big ole heart of yours.

I love you tons, me

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