March 12, 2009

Fortune Cookie Says:
Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.


ME. GRAMPS. WES. — ADVENTURE DAY: Breakfast at IHOP, included hashbrowns and orange juice. Drove to Grass Valley strolled around town, started to rain, got out my pink polka dot umbrella. Had hot soup and lunch at a quaint little restaurant and sat cozied up inside by the big window, watching people walk by. Checked out the art galleries, bookstore and some other fun shops. Bought my yoga bell and Nag Champa incense. Drove around town looking at picturesque houses nestled in the mountainside and surrounded by pine trees. Drove home listening to music with the rain falling, laughing and loving our conversations. Wes and I went grocery shopping. Made dinner. Went to the movies and then went home and ate rocky road ice cream next to our roasty toasty fire. PERFECT DAY.

P.S It was Gramps 88th Birthday on March 10. He is the cutest man alive. And I can't wait to see Wes and him in two weeks for the big TO DO — Chad and Katie ladies wedding!!!


  1. I love this pic of you guys! Two amazing people together is always a treat to see!!! I love you both so so much!!!

  2. Gramps and I just found your blog!! We love it!Gramps says" Does this make me an international celebrity?" How fun to see him featured. We'll see you tomorrow at the big to do. Grandpa loves you a lot!!

  3. Hi Maya! I love you. I got your message the other day. Thanks for calling. I'll try you back soon. This day with your gramps sounds perfect.

    Are you getting excited for your vacation/birthday next month?!