March 3, 2009

Eat lots’o green olives
Buy dark chocolate truffles from David & Harry’s
Banff Film Festival
Christmas concert
Go sledding and drink hot chocolate
Fix the flat tires on all of my beach cruisers
Drink horchatta
Go to the restaurant on Riggs with the white bulb outdoor lights and eat on the patio
Motorcycle ride up to Canyon Lake and watch for shooting stars
Play croquet
Finnish my website
Make my holiday “Love Day” cards
Decorate a gingerbread casa
Drink hot chocolate
Build a snowman
Go hot tubbin’
Mesa temple lights
Drink egg nogg-igty nog
Go to a Christmas party
Hang up Christmas lights
Read by the fire
Buy a pet goldfish
Buy a Christmas tree and decorate
Donate to a Bell Ringer at a store (preferably Safeway, cause it’s my fav)
Get picture taken with SANTA
Make Christmas treats and deliver (only bake 3 times a year, Christmas, Christina’s Birthday and one other time during the year...)
Throw a Christmas party
Volunteer at a homeless shelter
Drink sangria with crushed ice by the fire
Roast mallows
Watch ELF
Go to the Archery Range
Watch a Christmas Story
Send someone I love a letter
Get a Manicure — RED
Eat a pomegranate
Eat at Thai Basils (my fav Thai place off of Mill)
Buy a gift from the Antique Shop in Scottsdale
Walk around Park City and go to dinner at Main Street Noodle
Eat Baby Back Ribs from Texas Road House
Make a homemade apple pie (so maybe four times during the year…)
Mint hot chocolate from the Coffee Shoppe
Go X-Country skiing
Watch Home Alone
Buy a new scarf and mittens
Make snowflakes
Buy an advent calendar – Christmas countdown
Kiss under the Mistle Toe
SLC temple lights
Drink hot chocolate
Go to the Mesa Arts center
Soup from Kneaders, Artichoke + Portobello.
Make a snow angel
Pool — Hit 5 balls in a row
Hike Flat Iron
Go golfing
Find a new talent (making snowflakes)
Taco soup from Café Rio
Go to a bon fire
Cook dinner for someone and deliver
Finnish reading Eat, Pray, Love
Bowl a 150

Here's how this works, I LOVE making lists — so for almost ten years now I have made a WINTER WONDERLAND list (for the fall and winter) and then my SUMMER EXTRAORDINAIRE (for spring and summer) it's just a list of a bunch of fun things to do. Don't ever get to all of them, but I do quite a few. So I am about ready to make my summer list and every year it just gets longer and longer...


  1. YES!!!!! cookies 3 times a year!!!!!!!! love the list and all the other lists you have hanging up in your room. you rock metz!

  2. did visiting your favorite brother-in-law make it on any of the lists? hiding in your luggage on the way to Machu Picchu is on my list!! see ya next week!! -brett