May 14, 2009

Summer Extraordinaire

Ride the Z I P P E R
Play croquet
Go fishing
Have a picnic
Hit lots of bucket ‘O balls
Watch lightning storm from lookout
D-Back’s games and watch the fireworks after
Play tennis
Go to the Drive-In
BOWL 150 (life time goal)
Drink horchatta
Fly kite in the park
Make M. Studio business cards + print 'em
Make homemade popsicles
Read five books
Mow a lawn (It will have to be someone else’s since all I have in my back yard is dirt and spider webs)
Go to an outdoor concert
Eat chocolate covered strawberries
Float the Salty Dawg river
Have a read-a-thon (and eat Doritos) YUM
Go hot tubbin’
Orange dream machine
Drive the Alpine Loop
Thai Basils
Check out the sand dunes
Park City (go to my fav book store and eat at Main Street Noodle Co.)
Go backpacking
Watch Alfred Hitchcock movies
Make sushi
Swim as much as possible
Make zucchini bread with chocolate chips
Watch an old western film
Get in shape
Bonfire and roast samores
Play badminton
Ride the mechanical bull
Road trip to San Diego
Pay off car
Find a great new restaurant
Do 30 push ups in a row
Buy a new Perfume for ’09 (celebrate MY year, a scent to remember...)
Read a Louis L'amour book
Read Believing Christ
Mexican restaurant off of Riggs with light bulbs
Have the best BIRTHDAY ever!!!
Dark Chocolate Godiva Cheesecake
Fill food storage water barrels
Lake Powell
Watermelon + Cinnamon
Go to the archery range
Desert shooting
Full Moon Extravaganza’s
Wake skating
Sell something on Craig’s List
Shaved Ice (Bahama Mama with Crème – my fav)
Hike Flat Iron
Go to a Free Style Motocross event
Watch mutton bustin’
Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride
Enroll in a web design class
Eat Kielbasa
Night swimming
Country dancing
Float in da pool and read
Jump the wake (life goal)
Go camping
Farmers market
Make tin-foil dinners
Eat Filet Mignon
Watch a meteor shower
Sedona – camping/road trip
Go wakeboarding
Ride a dirt bike (Jmill, I am counting on you for that one!)
Hit 5 balls in a row in pool (life goal)
Make my salmon dinner
Breakfast at Crate & Barrel (Cracker Barrel) Cheesy hash browns, yumm
Golf at Hobble Creek
Hot pots
See a play at the Hale Center Theater
Learn to make a new delicious dish (add to my 10 things list)
Run the ‘hood without stopping
Check out Dove of the Desert
Buy a cookie jar
Play Hearts
Go on tons of bike rides on the cruisers
Paint house
Eat at the Farm
Buy Napoleon Dynamite
Write Gramps a letter once a month
Learn a line dance
Take a Spanish class
Read my Photoshop for Photographers book
R E L A X.... take it easy


  1. yES. rELAX AND take it easy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maya I love your blog. Your amazing! I have one too. It's