June 25, 2009

{Greece }

Flew into Athens
Lost taxi driver, miraculously found a small Latter-Day Saint church branch
Figured out the metro in downtown Athens
Found a hostel — dorm style with communal bathrooms/showers
Toilet paper does NOT go in the toilet
First and best Greek salad (minus the tomatoes)
Walked ALL over trying to find the hill to get up to the Acropolis
Took a night ferry to Mykanos
Hostel with turquoise doors and shutters
Gelato — Yummm
Best crepe ham and cheese breakfast
Colorful white houses, cobble stone roads and bright splashes of color on the doors, shutters and trim
Beautiful bright pink and orange bougainvillea blooming everywhere

Rented ATV and drove out to the “Quiet” beach = Nude beach(OPA!)
Old village
Sailboat out to hot springs
Donkey ride up switchback mountain
Sunset into the ocean
Green Olives (delicious!)
Black beach — volcanic beaches
Explored island on ATV
Got lost…
And Found, more naked beaches (man alive, they are EVERYWHERE, those Europeans… sure love basking in the sun)
Found old ruins in the middle of nowhere
Beautiful wheat grass fields, olive tress, blue skies and white washed houses
Town, with all the fun restaurants along the marina, sailboats and white lights
Homemade waffle cones and gelato
Sailing from Naxos to Paros
Captain George
Ate octopus tentacles
A little bit of rain
Beaches galore
Clear turquoise water
Fishing village
Read: The Red Badge of Courage, Pride and Prejudice, and The Deerslayer
(Working on my 200 Must Read Classic List)
Food: Gyros, gelato, tiziki, green olives, French fries, salty and savory crepes, nutella, lamb, and fava
What more could I ask for — it was a perfect, relaxing, fun filled, beautiful adventure….


  1. You already know the picture that is my favorite. The rest look like heaven. SO glad you had fun!!!

  2. Oh, I've always wanted to go to Greece! Looks like you had an amazing trip! You got some great pics and you are, of course, looking gorgeous my dear. :)

  3. Hey! These pictures are awesome! How do you lay them out like that? Looks like you had a blast. We went to Europe in May and loved it...But I really was not a big fan of nudity at the beaches...awkward!