May 5, 2010

Love you like crazy. Enjoy that DQ ice cream cake you've been craving.
Love the little things...


Cinco de Mayo

Today at work we could dress down if we wore one of our work t-shirts they've given us. I left mine at work so this morning I just put on another shirt at home and then put on my work one on top once I got into the office. I was just a little toasty so I am sitting at my desk and decide to take off one of the shirts. And you guessed it..... I am pulling it over my head and realize I don't really feel like I am wearing much and I look down and HELLO bright orange bra.... HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Brian is sitting behind me and I don't think he knows what just happened but I am stifling my laughs cause that was really funny.

Then to top it off I just ate a chocolate Sunday for lunch and went and talked to someone in HR and a few other peeps and then went to the restroom only to see that I have a smear of brown stuff under my nose (chocolate) I can't believe it. Today is my day for sure...

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