October 14, 2010

Adventures on Kauai

Hiked to Wailua falls
Bought green muumuu's at local thrift store (the lady working asked if Jmill, Jess and I were going to be brides maids. haha — we all walked out of the thrift store wearing our muumuu's. Good times)
Went swimming at our hotel Kauai Beach Resort, it was uber nice and the pools had sand that lead up to them and it even had a slide! (And yes we did go down it)
Yoga on the beach
Hiked to the 1st waterfall on the Na Pali coast. BEAUTIFUL.
Dinner at Mermaids with Jmills friends Sean and Renn
Hot tubing Hanalei
Kayaking and Paddle boarding
Ate at Bubba’s (teriyaki burger with cheese, grilled onions and pineapple — delicious! )
Hanalei beach (jumped off the pier)
Fresh coconut and other goodies from local fruit stand
Dukes for dinner
Pool and reading time at the hotel
Poipu falls (where we met Tarzan - seriously this guy was climbing and jumping from one rope swing to another)
and of course eating lot's of Hi-chews and Melona bars.

I love these islands. I really don't know why I'm not still living there but I loved going back and visiting. It was a great trip both on Oahu and on Kauai, couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation...

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