October 22, 2010

Oh... I love going home for the holidays, and this is one of my favorite family celebrations. The Reeses host our annual Halloween party every year and we all love dressing up eating Kristen's taco soup, drinking homemade root beer, munching on her ghost nutter-butters, and Meg's always spoils us with some of her tasty treats, this year is was caramel apples, caramel popcorn and chocolate covered strawberries! And then after all the feasting and photo taking there is the pumpkin carving. Love it. This trip we also went up to the Witch Fest at Gardner's Village, ate a ton of food, celebrated Nelma's birthday, drove the gorgeous Alpine Loop and had breakfast up at Sundance's Foundry Grill and just hung out on the front yard (I also mowed the lawn, which I LOVE doing). Oh, and last but not least I just got to hang out and hold my little nephew Aiden, and like stated in other posts, I'm in love... he is adorable. It was a perfect trip, perfect company and the weather and colors of the fall leaves were brilliant and breathtaking.

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